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Julia Roberts is Mother Nature, Conservation International Film

A friend shared this video form 2014 recently on Facebook. In less than 2 minutes this video explains the power and importance of respecting and protecting our beautiful planet earth.

"I have been here for over 4.5 billion years. 22, 500 times longer than you. I don't really need people but people need me." 

Every human on this planet needs to take ownership and understand the impact our actions are having. If we do not make changes now we will not evolve to sustain our survival.  

"How you choose to live each day,
whether you regard or disregard me,
doesn’t really matter to me.
One way.
Or the other.
Your actions will determine your fate.
Not mine.
I am nature.
I will go on.
I am prepared to evolve.
Are you?"

And also puts into context just how small but yet destructive humans can be and that we are only harming ourselves. Which is brilliantly displayed in this video by Steve Cuts.