In 2019, I moved to Denver, embarking on a new chapter. Every day, I was visited by a cute little bee. I started to research bees and loved their wisdom, symbolism and magic. They inspired me to design Bee jewelry to honor & love the bees.

Bees are a symbol of the Goddess or Divine Feminine energy as they are ruled by Queens. Bow to the Bee jewelry honors the divine feminine in us all.

Bee Love, 🐝 💗

Tiff Willson, Founder

Bees equal the divine feminine on Earth. Bees have been acting up lately to bring attention to their way of creation, the feminine hive creation experience.
- Corrina Steward

100% Sustainable & Made in America

Our goal is to build a planet where we are in balance with nature. We believe that the only future is a sustainable one. For every aspect of Bow to the Bee's business we aim to strive for 100% goods. Using pure materials (gold & silver) and 100% recyclable packaging.  

Timeless Design to Last for Centuries

Bees evolved from wasps 120 million years ago. Whereas, humans originated 6 million years ago. Bow to the Bee jewelry was designed with timeless beauty in mind. We love the idea of slow fashion, products that one will wear for many years and pass down to future generations.  

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Tiff Willson's journey to save the Bees one piece of jewelry at a time. 


I am the founder of Bow to the Bee (www.bowtothebee.com) a jewelry business bringing awareness and support to the declining bee population.