Bow to the bee was founded during covid in June 2020. Tiff Willson, founder of Bow to the Bee, had two intentions for this business.

One to honor the sacred goddess energy and magic of the bees, and two, to spread awareness for bee conservation as bees are currently dying at rapid rates. 

Tiff bought a 3D printer, taught herself 3D programs to design the custom bee jewelry line, turned her garage into a welding/soldering studio, and produced all the products.

Learn more about the design process here.

Tiff drew inspiration for the design of the bee charm from her grandmother, Posy Chisolm Feick. Posy always wore diamond bee pins. Tiff loved the balance between masculine and feminine within the pendant and started to use it as inspiration for the design. Hundreds of designs later, she designed the Bow to the Bee, bee charm.

May we tap into the luck, magic, and wisdom of the bees. 

Proceeds from Bow to the Bee go to support bee conservation efforts and regenerative agriculture, which preserves the habitat of bees and our environment.

Bee Love, 🐝 💚

Mission: To build a world where we love our Mother Earth and respect every inhabitant on this planet. We are all one 🌎 💗

100% Sustainable & Made in America

We believe that the only future is a sustainable one. For every aspect of Bow to the Bee's business we aim to strive for 100% sustainable. Pure materials (gold & silver) and 100% recyclable packaging.  


Timeless Design to Last for Centuries

Bees evolved from wasps 120 million years ago. Whereas, humans originated 6 million years ago. Bow to the Bee jewelry was designed with timeless beauty in mind. We love the idea of slow fashion, products that one will wear for many years and pass down to future generations.  

Support the Bees

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Mission to return to a symbiotic relationship between humans and nature. Together to create a sustainable world.


I am the founder of Bow to the Bee (www.bowtothebee.com) a jewelry business bringing awareness and support to the declining bee population.