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Honey Bee Wisdom & the Sacred Feminine: Meredith Row & Areilla Talk


In the constellations we see a reflection of taurus as the bull and this cluster of seven stars as we know as the pleiades. Bees connected to the bull and the sacred feminine and the earth itself. Bees emerge from the womb of the earth the heavens and the seven sisters emerged within the constellation of the bull. 

  • The earth is mother, the earth is the womb, from the heart of the earth, caves and the flowers bloom when the bees arrived.
  • Honey is a natural healer and aphoristic and a way to connect to the feminine and the womb
  • Within shamanic tradition the honey bee is a central motif but the healings and the working come from the womb. Using the womb as a generative source of power to create healing for ourselves, the earth and others. For example through breath work.
  • Flowers exist to be in the beauty in this world
  • Bees embody goddess energy and they are a vessel for the divine, who brings formless into form.
  • Bees hold a high vibrational frequency on our planet and illustrate to us the strong power of women working together to build beyond what they could build alone, the hive. 
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