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Angelina Jolie Advocate for Bees

According to National Geographic, Angelina Jolie was recently named as the “godmother” for Women for Bees, a five-year program launched by UNESCO. The initiative aims at building 2,500 beehives and restocking 125 million bees by 2025 while training and supporting 50 women beekeepers.

Talking about the initiative, the 45-year-old actor said, “With so much that we are worried about around the world today, (bee conservation,) is one issue that we can manage. We can certainly all step in and do our part.”

Angelina shares support for initiative beekeeping [vogue ]

The Woman of Bees Initiative

The women for bees initiative is an empowerment program that aims at educating  the local and native women on bee maintenance and how they  can improve  their livelihoods . Giving women  a chance at an education  to improve their skills is a step to eradicate poverty.

“Really we are creating a network for women around the world, to have a job, and a network of women working together” elaborates Jolie. “If you teach a woman, she’ll teach someone else.” In this case, the lessons are as much about camaraderie over competition, as they are about entrepreneurship. 

Angelina Jolie for the Bees

Angelina Jolie was involved in the inaugural Women for Bees program, which involved an intensive one-month course.” They are responsible for one-third of our food supply,” she explains of why their preservation is a part of the Maddox Jolie-Pitt Foundation, which she started in Cambodia 17 years ago.

angelina jolie for the bees

According to Vogue, she was hands on for the first ever Women for Bees graduation ceremony. “I tasted honey off the hive. That was exciting,” she beams. “It tastes much better.” 

On the world bees Day,2021 Jolie covered herself with bees for a photo shoot.A clear way of telling the world about the creatures. 

angelina jolie in green surroundings for the bees


Jolie says while in Cambodia. “It’s nice that you point out it is familial-sounding, because it is,” She considers it a privilege to “encourage and connect to all of these extraordinary women, and help people understand the work that they’re doing—through to the science and the connection to biospheres and the cultural heritage.”

What can you do to support the bees? 

Planting an array of herbs and flowers that attract bees (like mint, lavender, and poppies, to name a few) is a way of conserving  the bee population. Ideally, pick flowers that are native to your area and will bloom at different times of the year. Put some water in your garden so that the bees have a place to rehydrate and add some twigs and pebbles to give them a place to land. 

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