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June Partnership with People and Pollinators Action Network (PPAN

We are excited to partner with People & Pollinator Action Network (PPAN). For the month of June, all proceeds will go to supporting PPAN.


People and Pollinators Action Network (PPAN) works across Colorado to promote sustainable land management practices, safeguard public health and preserve biodiversity to make our state a safe haven for all who live here—from pollinators to people. 

We are the only organization working at the grassroots, municipal, and state levels to advocate for policies and practices that reduce and eliminate the use of pesticides and to create and connect swaths of pollinator-safe habitat with the intent of reversing the drastic decline of pollinator populations—upon which our very existence depends.

People and Pollinators Action Network is committed to inclusion and equity. We firmly believe that all people deserve to live in an environmentally healthy world, free from poisons in their food, neighborhoods, and work lives. We recommit ourselves to recognizing the dangers of pesticides to all living beings, from the smallest wild bee, to the laborer in the field, to the purchaser of non-organic food, to the pesticide applicator. We acknowledge the privilege at work in the use of pesticides, that many people who order the application of pesticides are not the ones who actually apply the toxins.



We continue to work on protecting those who have no choice but to risk exposure to pesticides, either because of chemical plants in their neighborhoods, pesticide drift, or occupational exposure.  We work to remember, always, the importance of biodiversity to healthy ecosystems while remaining aware that pesticides reduce biodiversity. We work to remain aware, always, that a profound lack of equity exists in human access to healthy ecosystems. We commit anew to improving access to healthy ecosystems for people of all backgrounds and income levels.

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