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Founded in 2020, Bow to the Bee is a fine jewelry company with proceeds to support the Bees. 

"What is good for one species is likely good for the rest, if we can build a better environment for one, we are really building it for all." Tiff Willson

How it Started? 

Tiff Willson started Bow to the Bee with the mission to return to a symbiotic relationship between humans and nature. 

The goal is to create a future where we can work together to create a sustainable world.

A world where we love our Mother Earth, stop disrupting her with control and greed and respect every inhabitant on this planet. 

How Can We Help?  

Why the Name Bow to the Bee? 

The name was created by our dear friend Kate. To bow to is to honor and respect. 

Where do the Proceeds Go?

Annie's partners with Montana farmers | A Taste of General ... Bow to the Bee proceeds will go to supporting Regenerative Agriculture Alliance.

Regenerative Agriculture is a farming method that relies on nature, not harsh chemicals or disruptive practices like tilling. When practiced, Regenerative Agriculture offers a multitude of benefits for farms, our environments, and our food. It builds soil health, enhances ecosystem diversity, and captures carbon and nitrogen from the atmosphere, to name a few. 

How does Regenerative Agriculture help the Bees?

Regenerative Agricultural way of farming has no chemical inputs. 

"The use of chemicals, such as fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides and pesticides, is a relatively recent agricultural development. For hundreds of years chemicals where not needed or used in farming because, sensibly, chemical inputs aren’t needed when you are working with (not against) the systems Mother Nature already has in place. This is what the practice of Regenerative Agricultural farming is all about." Joyce Farms. 


A Few Issues Affecting the Bees:  

10 years after Colony Collapse Disorder scare, what have ... Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), first identified in 2006, occurs when the vast majority of bees in any given colony — generally worker Bees — die out unexpectedly. Because the queen Bee needs the nectar provided by these workers to nurse new Bees, ultimately the entire colony collapses. 


According to the EPA, there have been many theories about the cause of CCD, but the researchers who are leading the effort to find out why are now focused on these factors:

    • Pesticide poisoning through exposure to pesticides applied to crops or for in-hive insect or mite control. France to ban all five pesticides linked to Bee deaths. 
    • Stress Bees experience due to management practices such as transportation to multiple locations across the country for providing pollination services. The large Bee keepers make the majority of their money not from selling honey but from transporting their Bees to places such as, California to pollinate the crops. Great article by NY Mag about this issue to pollinate almond crops. 
    • Changes to the habitat where bees forage.
    • Inadequate forage/poor nutrition.  

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We are one,
Living in times
of change,
Let's come together
and not run,
From what can
help us Bees.

A world where we
take care
of our mother earth,
as she nurtures all that we are
and is all that we have. 

Let's build
a future to live
in perfect harmony,
without control
or greed
and resources used
in parsimony.